Jun 29, 2021

My First Post

I did it! I made a new website!

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I have been working for some time on this new website. Life gets in the way and it can be hard to sit down and work on some code. It is not complete, and still a little bugged. However, it is the progress that I am happy to see.

I have a large list of TO-DO's for this website yet. So you will continue to see updates over time.


So why do I need a website? I don't...

Development is a hobby to me. I don't make any money from it and I work on things when I feel like it. I also have a long list of unfinished projects 😲. I wanted to put together this website so I can show off my projects and have an archive of how things are progressing.

It won't be all development. I would like to expand the site to include other hobbies, like my photography and gaming.

The JAMStack

It was a long time since I built a website. I was so used to spinning up a WordPress website on a LAMP Stack server, but I was tired of managing the servers all the time. I went to do my research of what was the latest modern way of developing. I found containerization, and thought that seems great but I would still have a server to manage. I didn't want to touch any of the servers code at all.

Then I found the JAMStack.

I never heard of the JAMStack before this but after a little digging, I learned that it was the modern way to build websites and apps. The big key things that I learned was building in the JAMStack was faster, more secure, and easier to scale.

Awsome, so where can I put a JAMStack website? Netlify was my answer for 3 reasons.

  1. They had a Starter tier that was free.
  2. It integrated with GitHub to deploy on push
  3. I was able to deploy to the Edge network, and more.

How did I build it?

I started with the Future Imperfect theme from HTML5 UP. I really liked this theme and downloaded it as soon as I saw it. It's a minimalist/blogger theme with all the features that I could ever need (and more).

Next I wanted to build my new website in Eleventy. I was still fairly new to the JAMStack and never touched much of the other technologies like Node.js and Python. Eleventy (while built for Node.js) was really easy to configure and provided simple templating with Nunjucks. While both are easy to learn, trying to do anything slightly advanced was a little taxing because the Eleventy Documentation kinda sucks.

I did have some help from YouTube of course. This playlist by Bryan Robinson really helped me get started and build it all out.

What's next?

I want to keep tweeking the template and building out the homepage with more content. Once I feel comfortable with the template I will work on a projects collection and photography collection. This is only the first revision and I expect to have many more. Just not right now, it's time for a nap.

Featured Image by Andrew Neel on Unsplash